Content Reverting For No Apparent Reason

We’ve had an ongoing issue where if we edit any content on the website it reverts back after a day or so. There are no code pushes going on during this time so it isn’t a repo thing (from what we can tell).

As an example, I edited content yesterday but as you can see here ( the time stamps are 2 days ago. We are on Heroku and running Grav version 1.0.10. Any thoughts?

Also, the Grav site in question is here:

Update - we are deploying the same thing to Digital Ocean to see if it is a Heroku issue.

We had a report of something similar a while back, and I dug into this in detail. Basically there’s nothing in Grav that can revert content, or settings. Turns out the problem was an ‘old’ Github hook that was hooked up to a cron job to daily update from Github repo. This was overwriting any changes that had been made on the local.

You may have something similar, or perhaps even an automated backup/restore security script in place. Basically it has to be on your server side somehow :slight_smile:

@rhusker - it looks like it was a server side issue. We moved from Heroku to Digital Ocean and the issue has gone away. We aren’t sure what that issue is though… Anyway, thanks for the help!

Grav stores data on the file system. Heroku practices containerisation and immutable containers. This means that if you don’t store your data in a database service it will get lost when your dyno recycles. This is a fundamental principal of how Heroku manages its infrastructure, and a conflict with Grav. Grav needs a way to store it’s flat files in a 3rd party service like AWS or Cloudinary.

Thanks for that insight! I was considering using Heroku to host but it seems like it may be better to just go with another one altogether