Changes on the backend not showing on the frontend

I look around and couldn’t find a post exactly about my problem. When I made a change to a page in any /user/pages folder (, save the file, and then view it in another browser tab or another browser all together, the changes don’t show up.

For example. If I add # Example Title to /user/pages/02.standardpage/, it doesn’t show up outside of Grav (in different browsers), but it does show up when editing the page inside grav-admin and selecting the ‘preview’ view.

So far I tried everything. Deleting cookies. Changing browsers. Editing files inside and outside of Grav. The only thing that works is restarting my apache2 server from the command line. (Annoying…)

Does anyone know why this would be happening and if there’s a simple fix for it? My whole setup, the whole stack, is running on Linux.

Hmm… have you also tried clearing the Grav cache @sebawrite?

I’ll try that. I’m still new to this. Thanks.

in default mode, grav cache is on and caches all pages. Even if you refresh browser, you get the page from grav cache. When i make changes on the site, i set cache off
configurations -> caching -> caching no

Okay. Thanks! I will try that…