Grav site using non-existent styling

I have an odd issue that I’ve never encountered before.
My site seems to be using old styling that has since been modified. For development, I develop locally, push the code to github, and then pull the changes from there into production (may be a silly method but it works for me). Generally, when I pull new styling changes into the production site they take effect immediately. This time however, it’s not.

I have checked Github to make sure that the changes were pushed correctly and they were, and I checked my servers code to ensure that it got all the changes, everything is correct there too as well.

All I can think of is that it is using some kind of cached version of the css files, but I have tried all of the cache clearing options to no avail. Is there any other way that grav could be maintaining the old styling and using it instead?

hi tbakerx,

maybe it is the cache of your browser?