Comments are welcome for my last website


Here my last production for cotton candy machine rental made on grav
I know it needs improvments with speed (google map)…

Comments are welcome :wink:

so some specs

  • slider
  • switcher tabs
  • 2 forms (same page)
  • most of img are svg
  • off-canvas mobile menu
  • sticky menu
  • mailchimp integration
  • exit popup with signup newsletter
  • 360° visualization (first tab)

Nice website.
In my laptop (1366x768) the nav height of (200px) of the sticky menu in chrome, dont leaves so much space for content. It takes about 1/3 of the screen.

Nice job. Nice to see you compensated with the anchor links for the height of the nav so the titles are 100% visible. I noticed a couple of things. The sticky nav seems to snap a little odd, like there’s a delay rather than just stick to the top as you scroll. Not a big deal, it just feels a bit like the timing is off. The only other thing I noticed is the blue bar down in the footer doesn’t span all the way to the left side of the site.

I don’t like the height of the nagivation, that’s too much for my taste.

I like the preloading, what did you use for it?

thanks for your comment, i think i will reduce the height of the menu


thanks for your comment.

About preloader, i’ce customised
all options for the client are in the blueprint and it accepts split preloader screen and fullscreen and background color

@retsoced thanks for your comment
About the blue bottom bar, i think the ‘issue’ is because of the body background, it alternates pink and white bar, the bottom is in the container (pink background), so when resizing sometimes it seems, it doesn’t span all the way to the left side of the site

Is Elana a premium theme?


Is Elana a premium theme?

I would like this to be the case, it’s almost done, but need some time to debug, help, docs etc :smile:

OP. Very nice site. I have much to learn.

Very nice, especially the colors that were chosen for this website align with website theme.

Cool looking site! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’d personally go for 1 small but big impact change to make the site look and feel more modern.
I’d change the page to a full width page instead of a contained one…
What I mean is (included screenshot)

Anyways, keep doing a good job :slight_smile: !

Thanks for suggestion, the client want a boxed website so…
But you re right, i prefer fullwidth, more space for images and content. My new clients websites are almost every time in fullwidth

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