Can you guys give me Feedback to my Website? :)

Forgive my lack of understanding of German, I haven’t read or spoke it for 12 years. A few thoughts:

  1. The font-color in the navigation-bar is too weak, there is a lack of contrast between it and the background. There is also superfluous space around each item, and apart from hovering over them they are hard to read.
  2. The logo in the navigation-bar is too small, it would not be detrimental to scale the entire bar up to 1.5 of its current size - allowing clearer text and logo.
  3. Headers could scale up in size somewhat, this includes H1-H6, for better vertical rhythm. Consider Modular Scales.
  4. This is a point of taste between designers, and I’m very much biased towards professional print in this regard, but text in paragraphs should be justified (text-align: justify;) whenever the text is longer than 2-3 sentences.
  5. The spacing of sections looks good, but consider whether it might be better to split things into pages: A single-page site works well when the content is limited to what the user expects to digest on a page, but for example th e “Alternatives”, “FAQ”, and second section of Amazon-links could be in their own page - the latter in a summary-page of categorized links to products, leaving only a short list of popular products on the front.

Thank you very much for your input! Will try to realise that asap


I mostly agree with what OleVik said, except for the text-align:justify. In my opinion, it will just add inequal spaces between letters and make the sentences hared to read.
I think that text-align:justifyis interesting with paragraphs less wide.

I would also suggest :

  • A smooth scroll. If you scroll to a paragraph inside the same page, you have to show that it’s on the same page.
  • A menu with a bigger height. You could change the height as soon as you scroll down, this way you would have a big menu when you arrive on the website, but then, as soon as you scroll, the menu become smaller.

Thanks a lot. How do it set the smooth scroll in the menu?

You have several options :

Thanks you! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :wink: