Comics on Grav - how to publish them and self-host?

Are there any special plugins or themes that would be particularly suitable or helpful for people who want to use Grav to self-host / publish the comics they made?

Does anybody have any tips or suggestions?

I don’t see anything related to comics in themes or plugins repo. What do you imagine it should be? How different it is from the blog? Can’t each post simply be a single comic?

Thanks for asking.

It would be something like a library experience but for the public rather than oneself.
You would be able to upload and share your comics for public viewing and others you know could too:

For example, the Kavita demo available at:

You can login with the following credentials:

Username: demouser
Password: Demouser64

Or the Codex demo here:

I don’t think there’s anything like this for Grav, but I’m pretty sure it could be implemented with some work. Codex looks more simple to achieve

It would be an interesting project. With a theme created with the Uikit framework, for example, and with its Slideshow component, I suppose it would be possible, although that involves a lot of work.

first of all im not expert or anything.
what i see at website you shared is a header, a bottom and a sidebar that comes with modular page, and main content that changes.
at content there are same built divs which contain a h1 or h2 and under it there is a slide which shows content pages’ main image and name.
so i dont think it would be hard to do for you since even i could do something somehow smilar to it (, after many work…
since im not expert i may not be able to see something special there btw.
good luck !

Here is one example (requires an account to see) of a comic, though somewhat unusual format:

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Nice one. Many years ago, more than 30, at university, there was some fuzz about fullscreen design approaches. Recently, I’m once again intrigued with this concept and your example is a quite perfect fit but it sucks on UI, it’s too fluid, you have to place it as a user in position using scroll, frame by frame… I’m intrigued to do something… I’ve been working on a theme for artist exposition, a combination of what you exposed as an example and a rather basic one page theme I found for GRAV would make a perfect combination…

Nothing to be expected soon, but let’s see.

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