If I wanted to use a theme, can I use the content as well?

I just got started working with Grav, but I’m a little stuck. I want to use a theme as the background for my website, but when I loaded it on my site it just gave me the same welcome page. How do I actually load the same pages that come default from the theme?

You’d want the skeleton for that, they include content, theme, plugins.

How do I use a skeleton? When I go to the skeletons page they are only available for download, there is no command to run in terminal to install on a server.

Yes, they are set up to be as easy to use as possible. You could download any of them through Curl and unzip it where you wanted, as they are prepackaged to require no installation. Alternatively, find the repository - eg. delivery-skeleton, clone it where you want it, and run Grav’s install process. It will include content, theme, plugins, the lot - see .dependencies.

I downloaded the file for the delivery skeleton, cloned it to where I wanted to, then set my document root for that directory path, got this Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 1

If you downloaded it from the GitHub repo’s releases, or from getgrav.org/downloads/skeletons, it would include an entire Grav-directory with a .htaccess-file. From your screenshot, it appears that only the /user-directory has been extracted to root.

I downloaded this here: https://github.com/getgrav/grav-skeleton-deliver-site.git

to web server (ubuntu 16.04), changed the home directory to /var/www/html/grav-skeleton-deliver-site

This is all that the Github repo contains.

I’m pretty interested in using Grav, and really wanted to get started using the system yesterday for my website’s homepage :confused:

I understand, but you need to actually download a package - not the source code - for the skeleton in question. That is, do not download the repository directly or clone it, but download from its releases. The most current version is v1.2.0.zip, which is the one you want to extract to root.

So extract this to my root Grav installer?

How would I do this if I’m extracting into a cloud web server?

I’ve been trying to do this for two days now and I can’t get it configured, and there is literally 0 documentation on the docs in regards to setting up skeletons…

If we go step by step:

  1. Download the archive Delivery Skeleton v1.2.0.
  2. Open it with WinRAR (if that’s still around), 7-zip, or whichever software you prefer.
  3. Extract the folder named grav-skeleton-deliver-site to a local folder, say for example your Documents.
  4. Copy all the files in this folder to the folder that will hold your website.
    4a. If you want Grav to be at the root of your site, you would copy all of the contents of this folder to the root of your website. For example /var/www/html/, ~/public_html/, or ~/www/ (depending on your server).
    4b. If you want Grav to be in a subfolder, create a folder for the site - for example ~/public_html/grav - and copy all the files there.
  5. Assuming that your website runs Apache, or one of its many siblings, when you access your site at www.mysite.com - or www.mysite.com/grav in case of 4b - Grav will be installed.

In the Grav ecosystem, a Skeleton is a complete package. That is to say, it will contain everything needed to get a site up and running, without any installation or configuration (except for when the server needs it): Content, theme, plugins. Thus the zip-file contains a single folder, which when extracted can be renamed to whatever you want, and that can be moved wherever you want. Access the folder from a server, and Grav will just work.

Okay, I believe I see what you’re saying. I would basically be overwriting the content that’s already in existence then?

Also let me explain to you the steps I have taken:

I’ve ran composer create-project getgrav/grav and got this result:

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4

I’ve got the grav website working as it should be on the web server: Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4


I now copy all files from the skeleton into the web server?

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4

There could easily be a conflict between what you have already installed and the Skeleton, the easiest way forward is to remove the already existing folder with what you installed previously, and upload a fresh Skeleton. It has everything you need, and requires no installation.

Okay, so this is what I’m doing. Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4

Idk man, this just isn’t working. I deleted everything, then unzipped the folder and pushed it into my webroot. NOTHING is happening now…