Call to undefined function Symfony\Component\Yaml\ctype_digit()

Getting this error when installing Grav on my localhost with Ampps

Seem to be coming from ­vendor/­symfony/­yaml/­Inline.php on line 124

Hi Steve, ctype_digit is a PHP native function, but you seem to miss the PHP ctype extension.

It is a standard extension, but seems Ampps doesn’t enable it by default for some reason. Just enable it from the Ampps config:

I’m kinda surprised you don’t use a Mac Steve? Using windows for web development!!! I thought you were better than that! :wink:

Nice, that worked. Thanks guys.

Windows? Nah, Ampps has a Mac version now. Just started using it a couple of weeks ago, and I’m pretty impressed

Ah didn’t know that. Better control and performance with built in Apache and brew php though.

I have the same problem and I also use AMPPS. Enabling the ctype extension did the trick.
Anyway, as @Steve Burge mentioned, I have to say that indeed AMPPS is great. I was a mampro long time user and finally switched to ampps since a few years ago. It does have all mampro function (even easier to use). It’s easy to implement ssl, creating virtual host etc. And if you play alot with cms’es (joomla, wordpress dripal etc), their built-in softaculous software allows you to deploy, remove, update a lot of installation in a few clicks. I think grav should be included in their softaculous too. The only issue that always bugging me is … their UI. It’s ugly and doesn’t fit with my Mac lol.
But I can live with that