Symfony error on install

Hello folks, a new user here :wink: Because getgrav is a file based cms, and also advertised as fast and modern, I was assuming it’s also easy and simple. But it looks like it’s not that easy. I’m unable to get it running on my local host with php 5.5.12 and get this error message :
Fatal error: Call to undefined function Symfony\Component\Yaml\ctype_digit() in /xxxx/project/vendor/symfony/yaml/Inline.php on line 124.
Anyone can help please? Thanks!

Nevermind, Found a workaround here!/installation-configuratio:call-to-undefined-function_1

Yah, was going to say it should be installed as part of PHP as you have to go out of your way to disable it. Seems you are using Ammps which is the only place I have ever seen it disabled/missing.