Call to undefined function mb_strlen()

Trying to get the Deliver theme up and running on a cPanel server. Everything seemed to be working but when I try and load the contact form I get a Call to undefined function mb_strlen() error.

Loaded the mbstring module under the “Exhaustive Options List” in EasyApache but it does not seem to be working?


You probably just need to restart apache. Mbstring extension needs to be loaded for PHP, and then apache restarted to pick up that change. You can confirm mbstring is loaded by PHP by checking the list of extensions via a phpinfo() page.

Here is a url to an info page on my server and I have restarted apache from the command line and in WHM.

mbstring support is not loaded. You should have a section like this:

You might need to contact your hosting support to get it resolved. It’s really a PHP setup configuration issue.


Thanks for the help, I finally got the build to load!