Site no longer loads - no data received after long wait

It looks like a script is timing out in the Utils.php file, but I can’t figure out why. I recently upgraded php to 5.6x on the server, but that’s the only thing that’s change. The odd thing is the site works locally, but on a fresh Ubuntu install. I have the memory limit set to (tried 128, then 256) 512M for php - but any thoughts would be appreciated.

Have you cleared the Grav cache since updating to PHP 5.6?

It’s so odd. The clear-cache script won’t run now either. Throws a generic segmentation fault core dumped error. Permissions maybe?

Does any php run? Not really seen permissions cause a core dump. That sounds pretty drastic and more of a low-level PHP issue.

An info page will run and produce results for phpinfo, so it seems like php and apache are running.

Man. Now I’m getting a 500 error locally. this is nutso. My install just totally exploded.

Still not 100% sure what was causing this but I reverted back a couple of commits and it works fine again, with some rework of a few changes made. When I get a bit of a lull I’ll dig into the two commits to see what could be causing the errors.

Ok thanks, would love to find out what was causing it.