Breadcrumbs with Grav1.1.12 & Gantry5.4.2(Helium)

i installed the breadcrumbs-pluginc via admin backend, but now i don’t find how to use it.
I assumed it would appear under partials in the layout tab, but it dosen’t.

Could somebody please point me in the right direction or tell me if this is yet possible?


In a Grav-Installation without Gantry you have to check the .twig file of your template.
This works with my installation if i switch to antimatter - so i think the breadcrumbs plugin must be installed correct…

But in the helium Template there is no templates folder and no default.html.twig.

So, please:
Does the breadcrumbs-plugin work with gantry and if yes where can i learn how?


If you have specific gantry questions, then the best place to ask those is on the Gantry github issues:

Thanks for the tipp!

now it works - they implemented it as a particle.
Just update gantry and the theme and there is a new particle called “breadcrumbs”.

Thanks again!