Helium theme - how to insert a plugin

Hi I’ve installed the Helium skeleton and added a few particles. I’m familiar with this from the joomla/rockettheme sites I’ve built, but I don’t understand how I can insert, e.g. the tag cloud plugin into the helium sidebar or anywhere else.

Any help appreciated.


Have I upset someone here? 1 Answer which has been deleted.

I apologise if I’ve made a mistake, although what it is is unclear.

@coolman01, When reading the docs from plugin ‘Tag Cloud’ I thought its use was quite straightforward and therefor asked at what point you were struggling.

While downloading Helium to do some research for you, I discovered the theme is based on Gantry… I only know Gantry from skimming its docs recently and realised that adding a plugin might not be as straightforward as it seemed from the docs.

For my simple needs (hence my love for Grav), an extra framework layer like Gantry isn’t appealing enough to invest any time in. My possible contribution to your post became therefor very limited if not nihil. Hence the withdrawal of my post…

That makes sense. Thanks for the that info.
I did look at the documentation, but it isn’t clear to me where all the bits needed actually go, i.e. the path to the files needed and if a new file has to be created.

I’m new to Grav, so am struggling withe different concepts.


@coolman01, To get a basic understanding about the concepts of Grav, you might consider reading the docs chapters 1 - 4 and try the examples on Plugins and Themes using the most up to date theme Quark.

That insight in the building blocks of Grav development might help with the use of Gantry.

Thanks. I’ve looked at that, but I’ll look again :wink:

But maybe someone else can offer an insight in how to use GRAV plugins with Gantry 5


you must copy the html.twig file of the plugin ( plugin_folder/templates/partials) in a custom html particle, enable the “process twig” field of the particle and then put your particle in the desired position of your layout (sidebar etc.)


Thank you so much. That solves it.

You can also use “positions” see here if your particle must be used in every page (for example the search particle): create a position (find it beside “Outlines” at the top of Gantry ) pick up a particle using + and then assign this position to the page/pages you want. You can then recall your particle in the layout.
For same (unknown, at least to me!! :wink:) reason, this method doesn’t always work properly.

Great stuff - I’ll try that out.

best regards