Breadcrumbs not showing?

Hi, I installed this plugin as intended in user/plugins/breadcrumbs. But it’s not displayed? Breadcrumbs should work without config as described in helpfile?


Most likely the twig file has not included the placement of the breadcrumb perhaps. Thats what I think anyway. What is your .MD file called and which theme are you using?

Hi, I’m using antimatter theme. My .md file is called default

What method did you use to install the plugin ?

I downloaded zip file. Unzipped local und uploaded via ftp to user/plugins.
bin/gpm not working on my hoster (or I can’t get it working)

For me manual install did work (actually it was an upgrade from a version 3 months back) but I don’t get how it works:

  • home (/blog) is now inactive (EDIT: ok I got how ‘link trailing’ works, thx)
  • most notably it is indented and I didn’t find how to get the logo to occupy this space (maybe logo file size/format was not ok?)
    So documentation is not very helpful if I may say(

do you use antimatter theme? .md called default?

Yes, antimatter blog with a second menu item. Blog is; page is but breadcrumbs don’t appear there, you’re right (not that it matters to me at that point of the site evolution)
And blog template twig file does include the call for breadcrumbs:
{% if config.plugins.breadcrumbs.enabled %}
{% include 'partials/breadcrumbs.html.twig' %}
{% endif %}
While antimatter/templates/default.html.twig doesn’t: tweak it to include the above code or use an already complete .md file for your pages folder.

If I include the code in default.html.twig my page breaks.
If I include it in partials/base.html.twig it works.

I used the wrong place in default.html.twig. Now it works.
But please update the readme/docs of the plugin.
Breadcrumbs is not just working…when you have to insert code somewhere

Hey Arank,
This is how the twig works and majority of other programming and templating languages :slight_smile: You can’t insert code in any place. It has to be put usually in content area to show up. When you said that your page breaks, it broke with a message. This is often a hint what is wrong :slight_smile:
Anyways, I’m glad you got it sorted. Thanks for the feedback. We are working to make our Readme’s as clear as possible :slight_smile: