Cannot access Gantry 5 within Grav

I’m new to Grav. Today I installed the Gantry5 plugin from the Administration Panel. I installed the Hydrogen and Helium themes as well. The installation was successful and the plugin is activated, but the “Gantry” link does not appear in the sidebar.

I also tried installed the plugin using bin.gpm and overwrote the previous installation, This did not help.

Any ideas?

Do you see an item called “Appearance” in the Admin sidebar (below Pages)? This is where you can access Gantry settings within Grav.

Yes, that worked! Sorry for the bother: the online docs here ( showed the button as “Gantry.”

Great! Things are pretty fresh from the kitchen, if you know what I mean🙂

I am just learning about Gantry with Grav myself, and am amazed at what you can quickly config.

Yes, it seems very promising.

And thanks for that quick response!