Helium skeleton showing upgrade page?

Hello! I am new and got Grav installed with the Helum skeleton. Instead of showing my content, I get a page telling me about the upgraded version of Helium. I cannot for the life of me tell where that page is coming from. Where is a good place for a complete noob to learn about how to configure a Grav site with Gantry?

I am looking for a simple blog that I do not need to tweak. It looked like this would be it, but the whole Gantry setup is inscrutable to me. Is there a simple tutorial out there that does not require me to delve into code to understand? Or am I using the wrong product for that?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

You mean you see this?

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 16

If so, this is the home page of the theme. The content is organized in partigles in the “Gantry 5” Admin Menu, a link to the home page should be, in this case, /admin/gantry/configurations/home_-_particles/layout/

You don’t need to delve into code, but you should start with the Gantry documentation http://docs.gantry.org and the Grav documentation as well. Combining both at the same time is quite a bit to grasp, but we have extensive documentation that will help you.