Blog Skeleton example not showing blog item page

First post here. Thanks for this wonderful cms. Absolutely love it!

I am trying out the blog skeleton to have some guidance of setting up a blog site myself.

But I get an error when trying to view a blog item page. The blog list page (which is the home page in this skeleton) is working correctly.

Step to reproduce:

  1. Download
  2. Extract in your htdocs folder
  3. VIew site
  4. Click on blog item (e.g. Sunshine in the Hills)
  5. Then I get a 404 error.

Thanks in advance for any support

Solved, arghh .htaccess was not in the htdocs folder. Did not copy over properly I guess. Found this by checking

What I was trying to achieve was inhereting the bootstrap theme from my own custom theme.

To create my own custom theme I followed this tutorial
I then fooled around with some example blog content from another theme but the blog section was not working with bootstrap.

By installing the blog skeleton first, then installing bootstrap and then creating my own custom theme extending bootstrap the content (blog) worked as expected. THe bootstrap theme uses the content from the blog skeleton package as stated here also!/theme-development:where-is-the-skeleton-for-t/yah-bootstrap-theme-uses-th