Automatic Menu

The menu building feature is really great. I am wondering if there is a way to have the main menu (current feature) and a ‘utility navigation’ (see attached) that could also be built in the same automatic fashion. I am not a programmer by any means, so if there is a simple cool trick I am pull off, that would be awesome. Or would something like this require me to dig deep in the code to accomplish. If this is not possible, then how would you recommend I accomplish this task of a utility nav? Just create the utility nav and make the pages/links invisible, then hard-code the utility nav in the template? (this is not my design, I am just helping to develop it.)

Thank you. Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11

It looks like you want to create a nested menu but rather than it being traditional vertical drop-downs, you want the 2nd level to be horizontal.

That’s definitely doable, you would need to render the menu as a nested tree, then just style it appropriately;

The ‘learn’ link above will render the nested page structure as a nested tree, but the hard part is going to be implementing the CSS to render that second level horizontally.

I’m sorry I should have been more clear. The second line is not a drop down, but rather a permanent menu. So, the first line nav with the ‘+’ icons will be the main navigation. The second line starting with ‘capabilities’ is the utility nav. Both navs will remain visible on every page.

Then it makes creating menu even easier as dropdown markup just requires you to nested unordered list. See the first link for the markup.