Nested Menus

There are no real examples in the Learn section and I can only find a few references. I cannot get nested menus to work at all based upon the hierarchy of pages. Arn’t the menu items supposed to be automatically created?

Sorry, I am of course referring to drop-down menus.

If you have a page within another page, it will automatically be represented as a menu tree. However to display it as a dropdown, your theme needs to know how to recurse through this menu tree.

Antimatter has a configuration option to enable this feature:

Ah-ha, there’s my problem. I’ve been testing several Skeletons but not Antimatter yet. I’ll give that a try … THX!

Still not working. I’ve enabled in theme (and copied file to user/theme folder), but no dropdown appears. For the dropdowns to work, what would a sample page hierarchy look like? … as I may not have that part correct.

So far, I’ve created simple sub-pages as normal inside a regular page.

Here’s a sample of some working page structure:


and how it renders:


Here is what I’ve got for structure:

I have pretty much copied the home folder and renamed everything. I enabled dropdowns in the theme and moved the YAML file to user/themes. I do have inheritance enabled, but I’ve removed that and cleared cache, no change.

Dropdowns still not working.

Did I forget anything obvious? Suggestions?

if you can like zip you skeleton and send it to me via dropbox, gitter or email ( then i can take a look at your theme and help you get that solved. From what i see on your screenie, everything looks fine. If there’s no any menu disabling related headers on or it’s not a cache thingy, you’re good to go… Hard to say anything more without looking at the code.

Thanks Karol! … I have shared a folder with you on Dropbox via the provided email. However, I would like an extra day to try and figure this out myself - it’s a learning thing :slight_smile:

I did manage to create working dropdowns under a clean install of Grav. So, I just have to figure out what is the difference between the clean Grav site and my work-in-progress site.

I will come back to this post and let you know either way … THX!

Good luck :slight_smile: