Simplecart plugin + grav?

Hello :slight_smile:
id like to know if its possible to use some custom js plugins like simplecart and others in shop skeleton?
i dont need snipcart, i need a cart w/ only possibility to send an order as email to customer and my email (no online paying, only cash)

Sounds like you could probably integrate the form plugin in place of the snipcart plugin. Or you could look at @flaviocopes shopping plugin:

flaviocopes is just replacing snipcart with stripe.
but i need a functionality of cart but no online payment, only make and send order via email.

ok, i ll try to say it in another words:
is it possible to remove snipcart plugin from shop skeleton? i like the way goods are organized in it but will try to include custom simplecart script, if i could.

yep, the question is: how to disable snipcart and not kill the whole site :slight_smile: tried to rename snipcart plugin in plugins folder and got smth like this :slight_smile: Snipcart

That’s because the shop pages have the page type “snipcart”. You can disable the plugin, but then you need to rename the shop pages too, or you can just copy the templates provided by the snipcart plugin (partials/snipcart*) in the theme itself.
P.s. the plugin I wrote is fully on-site, you don’t depend on external services. It just offers Stripe now but in the future other payment methods will be added. Snipcart on the other hand injects the cart via javascript but all the shop configuration, orders management etc must be done on the snipcart site.

@flaviocopes hello :slight_smile:
is it possible to make your plugin make checkout to email? no other payment methods needed (now, but maybe in future ;))

It’s on the roadmap for the plugin but right now it’s not a feature available.
Being open source and MIT licenced, if you have some PHP/JS skills you can modify it as you want, removing Stripe and adding the functionality to send the order details via email.

unfortunately im not so skilled :slight_smile:

You could make an order form using the Form Plugin instead, following the instructions on how to create a Contact Form you could create an order form

But I want to have a cart :slight_smile:

I’m afraid if you want custom stuff, your going to have to learn how to write custom stuff :slight_smile: Either that or you going to have to pay for someone else to write custom stuff.

All the building blocks are already there, for example the shop skeleton is really just a simple example of building a catalog of products, with snipcart added to handle the cart/purchase. You can easily remove snipcart and add a simple form with the form plugin. Just don’t expect someone to do all the work for you, people are helpful, but also busy! :wink:

yes, i know it :slight_smile: im just looking for some information :slight_smile:

ok, the last try: if i delete snipcart plugin i should change the type of pages and its template. i cant understand what type should i use and how should i setup their parent-child relations? with help of taxanomy and tags?

i really appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

Snipcart defines its own snipcart page type. A page type can be defined in a template or in a plugin.

You can just use the “default” page type to start with. That would create a normal page.

To learn more about page types, I suggest to take a look at the “blog” and “item” page types, for example as defined in the Antimatter theme, in the Blog skeleton.

blog is the blog posts list. item is a single blog post.

Parent-child relationship is defined by putting all “item” pages as subpages (subfolders) of the “blog” page.

ok, got it.
other question how can i get the same appearance for item pages as in shop-skeleton? blog items are listed. i found this for column view, but i need block view as in shop :slight_smile:

You can copy the styles and markup provided in the Snipcart Plugin templates.