All checks green, content wont load

Hello. At a local php 7 server, and the homepage is full of green checkmarks (no errors; i believe this is the doing of problems plugin) but the contents still wont load.

i do have in the same server, a drupal 8 working, so i guess it wont be a server problem

the same for /admin page

i already did:
sudo chown -R lsag:www-data ./
sudo chmod 775 -R ./
sudo chmod 777 -R ./cache/
sudo chmod 777 -R ./logs/

no errors here either:
sudo bin/grav clean
sudo bin/grav clear-cache

Any clues?

Can you check if you have the PHP Zip Extension installed?

BTW problems plugin has been updated to address an issue where ZIP extension was found missing but incorrectly reported as working. This is why flaviocopes asked you about that particular extension.

seems that i have them:

dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall | grep php

php7.0-zip install

Anyway, just rebooted, seems fine. Dunno what was the problem

Thanks anyway