Locally my site is working well, but not on the host server

I got a result giving me impression that something goes wrong with loading .css files. I got … in my web browser. Thanks for your thoughts!

I’m not really following. What’s wrong with those and tags?

I see all of them in the web browser instead of rendered content with applied styles.

Can you provide a URL I can inspect with my web browser tools?

I think you may have forgot to upload the .htaccess on the server

Here is an actual location of this website: http://pppmyslowice.pl/… I will appreciate if you open it and see if you can determine what can be a potential issue. Thanks!

Do you have twig escaping on? If so turn it off.

Let’s try…

Unfortunately it does not help in my case.

If you view the source of your pages, you will see ‘some’ html stuff output properly and some escaped with HTML entities. I’m not sure what is doing this on your site if the same code works locally.

Exactly, locally the page looks and works as expected. The 1:1 copy uploaded to the hosted server not:/ Let me dig it more…

Same here! on my local NAS it works fine, when i host it online there’s nothing. Only a few HTML lines but just an empty page.

I found the following error. i have no idea what to do though …:
[Tue Oct 13 09:18:25 2015] [error] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘DebugBar\DataCollector\PhpInfoCollector’ not found in /var/www/vhosts/40/173626/webspace/httpdocs/berendholtland.nl/vendor/m aximebf/debugbar/src/DebugBar/StandardDebugBar.php on line 27

Try running composer update in the grav folder

@Berend what output to you get for your page? You mention “a few html lines”, post them here

Thanks for the quick reply! @flaviocopes, should i do this through an SSH connection? Now that i look even closer to the output, it doesn’t have any. Just the standard “body” from Google Chrome.

Since it’s on Shared hosting, i’m not allowed to connect through SSH

I see you got it working.

Bardzo fajna adaptacja szablonu Agency. Powodzenia :slight_smile:

I’m now running composer update on my local server. I will then transfer the files to the shared hosting. Hope that works :slight_smile:

Okay, i downloaded a fresh instance of Grav and put it on my shared hosting (with the idea of manually adding the “page” folders. When i reloaded the page in Chrome, everything was there!! I don’t know how i did it, but it works now :D. Thanks for thinking with me.