Crikey! There was an error

I have got a serious problem in my site while setting up Grav. please check this @dig-ger

I’m afraid I can’t even reach that URL, perhaps posting a screenshot of the error could help us identify the issue?

Screenshot from 2014-11-21 04:45:19

Hmm, never seen this one before. Does your cache/ dir exist and is it writable?

yes, it exists and is writable

Is it possible your webhost has disabled access to the glob function in PHP? Do you have access to your PHP error logs?

BTW You can disable the Problems plugin by just creating a file: user/config/plugins/problems.yaml and putting enabled: false

However this might be masking other problem/issues on your server. Have you got this working successfully locally before you tried it on your server?

changing to false helped for me !!! Thanks :smiley: