Admin Hosed After Update

The Grav update went fine, but after I updated the Admin plugin, everything is out of place (see screenshot).


Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10

Try clicking the Clear Cache dropdown and click All Cache

Did that first thing, browser cache too. No Change.

This happened across the two GRAV site I have.

can you try it from the CLI:

bin/grav clear --all

It is related to the language translations that were added in this release. They get cached in the language cache, but I think that it might require a full clear to get the new translations picked up.

Actually after clearing cache, you need to log out and back in. I just replicated and that is what it took.

Yep! … Logout worked. Easy fix … THX!

BTW 0.4.1 released with important fix that addresses broken new pages.