Admin not saving changes

I have this problem: I made a site for a client with the admin that works fine on my computer. I also try it on my husband computer and even in both phones (android and iOS). But when my client try to save changes on the admin on his computer, he says he can’t. He can make the changes on the admin but he says that he doesn’t see them on the web page.

Have this happen to anyone?

Ps sorry about my grammar but is kind of hard to write in English for me.

Can you tell us more about the setup? Does your client edit the same server as the production website? What caching is enabled in your configuration? When you say “admin works fine” for you and your husband, are you making changes to the live site through admin like your client is trying to do?

Your English is good :slight_smile: Just explain a little more here please.

Does your client have admin rights in GRAV?

Hello there :slight_smile: if I may chime in with something completely different – if your client is anything like some of my clients, I’d say it’s quite possible that he didn’t click save or something like that. :wink: If I were you, I would first login with his user to test that YOU can make changes with his account, and if that works alright, I would use TeamViewer to go through the process with him remotely and see what happens when he edits something. Even if it turns out to be a problem with his computer, which I think is unlikely, you will see an error message or exactly where things aren’t working as they should. In my experience, most people are notoriously bad at describing what they are doing, what they intend to do, and where exactly things go wrong…

Best of luck! :four_leaf_clover: