Admin Plugin Issue

I attemted to update the admin plugin via the plugin panel. I was presented with this error, now now when I try to go to the admin login panel I get the Crickey! There was an error. Call to undefined method Grav\Common\User\User::authorize()

Site location:

This error also shows up at the bottom of the webpage now:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Grav\Common\Browser::isHuman() in /home/content/73/6702073/html/user/plugins/admin/classes/ p on line 52

Have you updated from the latest version of the admin-plugin? There was such an error a month ago with an older version …

Look at this!/general:0941-upgrade-thru-admin-b

Just checked, I think not the admin-plugin is your problem, but the login-plugin is!

That is a problem from several months ago. You just need to ensure you have Grav updated + Admin plugin and all the other plugins. You might want to do this from the console as you must of been pretty far behind.

Hey Thanks guys. When I updated grav everything worked great, I was a bit behind on the updating because unfortunately I am unable to SSH with the current configuration on that site, makes things a bit more dificult to manually update, but I did it slowly and methodically and it worked out. Thanks again @rhukster