0.9.41 upgrade thru Admin breaks Admin

After upgrade from 0.9.40 in Admin I get logged out and can not longer log in.

You have been successfully logged in

Did you upgrade Grav also? and the login plugin?

also does your user account have:

      login: true
      super: true


You might need to update Grav + All plugins via GPM.

Same issue here - after upgrade the /admin shows up “Access denied” (without asking for credentials). Access_denied

Ok, it was a bug in the backwards compatibility User.authorise() method in the 0.9.41, I’ve released a 0.9.42 to address this…

Always make sure to update Grav first, and then the plugins.

GPM updating the plugins after Grav resolves the issue too.

I had upgraded Grav first and could not log back to upgrade the plugins.
I’ve just manually updated Admin (no change) then Login and this one solved it.

So now I have been able to log back and upgrade to 0.9.42 then the remaining plugins.

Before release the stable version of admin plugin please be patient for inconvenience example this. Thanks to understand :smiley:

Quick fix as usual! Kudos and sorry I didn’t take time to file a proper bug on the github issue tracker but it was Friday night and I had 5 minutes. Since I usually wait a full day before applying an update, I thought it would be nice to test the newer version without waiting for possible regressions to be ironed out. Hope it helped pinpoint it more quickly)