Server error after updating admin plugin

Hi, I’m facing a big issue after updating the admin plugin to the latest version.
When I go to the site, I’m getting this error message: “0 - Identifier “admin” is not defined.”
I’m using the Grav 1.4.2 version and the latest admin plugin.
Any one having an idea on how to resolve this issue?
My site is not longer accessible!

Here is the Temporary fix I did for the same issue.

Uninstalled admin user add on plug in from admin panel.

User pages will work fine

Hey Ryan,
Life saving solution you just gave me!
It works again.
Seems like a bug, no?

Had the same problem this morning.
Probably a plugin mis conf.
I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon

hey dj-dakta
2.1.5 is out, and I’ve got the same issue again.

I’d hold out for a while.

grav plugin repository has been updated so

2.1.5 is good to go !

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the heads up!
I’ve just installed the plugin again, and this time it doesn’t f**k up the website! :slight_smile: