How realistic would it be creating a custom admin plugin

My company wants me to create an easy to use CMS where our customers can create their own hotel websites, by dragging & dropping predesigned configurable widgets into predesigned layouts. Basically something like Mailchimp does for newsletter. The backend user interface has to be intuitive and well thought out, multilingual support isn’t trivial to get right and of course there has to be the possibility to publish and roll back changes the user made. On the authenication side we use Auth0 throughout our company, so it has to work with that as well.
As grav handles many of this points pretty well, my idea was to build a custom admin plugin on top of it.
Would that be a good idea / possible / realistic? Or would you suggest building everything from scratch with a framework like laravel. See whole discussion on reddit

Thank you in advance!

The admin-pro plugin basically extends the default plugin so it is possible to extend the logic (or limit access to things) via a custom plugin. it’s not trivial though. Also you can build quite custom solutions in the existing admin, as the Flex Directory shows. Definitely doable, but will be some work, probably a lot less than building the whole thing from scratch though, as the CMS part is a lot of effort even without the admin side.

As a side note, I had a working version of Grav in about 2 weeks after I started it. However, that was a very simplistic thing compared to the power that Grav has today. It’s taken over 3 years of near daily effort to accomplish that.