Admin: Page list display field not working

Hello there,

i tried to define a list display title:

title: Imprint
cmsTitle: This is a cmsTitle

I set the the ‘pages_list_display_field’ option in the admin.yaml like:

pages_list_display_field: cmsTitle

also tried:

pages_list_display_field: header.cmsTitle

but always the usal title is displayed.

Thanks for answers in advance.

@npetri, Admin config field pages_list_display_field is a mystery to me…

It is referenced in a macro in Admin template /user/plugins/admin/themes/grav/templates/pages.html.twig but it looks like that template is never being called, or at least the macro in that template.

Maybe the page list is being generated in js, but I haven’t found a reference to pages_list_display_field in js.

Maybe the devs can tell on GitHub - getgrav/grav-plugin-admin: Grav Admin Plugin

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