How to show list in templates

simple enough, can’t seem to find anything in the documentation… I am using the list blueprint and I can’t figure out how to show it…if I just put {{ page.content }} I get the default content but not the stuff entered in the custom blueprint I made

the example here doesn’t show how the theme code should look and I can’t figure it out

Example code from Antimatter theme modular/showcase.html.twig:

    {% for button in page.header.buttons %}
        <a class="button{% if button.primary %} primary{% endif %}" href="{{ button.url }}">{{ button.text }}</a>
    {% endfor %}

Hope this is what you are looking for

Yes, {{page.content}} simply outputs the markdown of the page. If you have a structured content in the page header, you need to tell Grav how to display it in your page Twig template.