Order pages within a collection in admin

How can I control the order of displaying sub-pages in the admin panel?

One of my pages is a collection of specialist books in a library. I have chosen which field to display in the admin panel (the title field) but I would like the list to be displayed in alphabetic order. I’m not sure what order it’s in right now but it certainly isn’t alphabetic. As I’ll be heading for 700 pages, that’s not at all good.

@ThosGreen You might take a look at the System tab of the configuration panel in Admin and play with some settings.

  • There you can set the field ‘Default ordering’ to: ‘default’, ‘folder’, ‘title’, or ‘date’.
  • You can also set the ‘Default order direction’ to Ascending or Descending.

Hope these settings solve your question.

And in the Pages page you can filter and search for pages, which is handy when dealing with 700 pages…

Hope this helps…

@pamtbaau That certainly solves my immediate problem, thank you for that.

But if in the future I then want to display catalog numbers in the admin panel, instead of the title, it doesn’t seem to be possible order the items by that field.

Am I still missing something?

@ThosGreen I’m afraid I have no suggestion (yet) for your possible future sorting needs…