How we add contact form on every pages

We have try to add but not added we have write a code something like that

{% for module in page.find('/quick-contact ').collection() %}
                             {{ module.content }}
		        {% endfor %}

Anyone can help me

I think what you need will be addressed with the upcoming Grav Forms Plugin 2.0 release. You can read about it or even check it out via this PR:

Sorry i am not getting, i am talking about single form on every pages like on sidebar contact form.

How we can add through modular and including all pages.

So am I. That is what the upcoming Forms 2.0 plugin release will be able to do.

when i implementing Forms 2.0 it’s giving error . Any idea??

@manishq1 You mean you checked out that PR #85? If so, which error did you get?

@flaviocopes After form up gradation again same problem, form is blank like earlier can you guide me what we missing.