How to add custom Tab in page editor in Admin Panel?

Hello! I am currently working on a grav theme and just figured out how to make modular pages. One of these pages has an option to include several buttons. This is my md file for it.

title: header
anchor: header
    - text: Click me
      url: #

I would like it to look like this (except it says buttons instead of blog item):

How would I go about doing that?
Thank you!

@kairari, You’ll need to create/update the blueprint for the page type at hand.

In the blueprint, you can add a tab with your own field to add the buttons.

Take a look at the blueprint for the “Blog Item” in user/themes/quark/blueprints/item.yaml. It adds the “Blog Item” tab to the default page blueprint.

Thank you so much Pamtbaau!! It works now!!!