_callout image_align not working anymore

I just updated to the latest version of grav 0.9.23 and Antimatter 1.3.8 and the image[underscore]align: right or image[underscore]align: left doesn’t work anymore in the callout section of the page. The result is that the image ends up above and to the left the text instead of on the left or right of the text.

I tried to find information about the change and how I can get it working again but I couldn’t and I also see the same issue in the antimatter one-page skeleton site demo on the getgrav.org homepage.

Please advice

Yes, I’m going to update Antimatter today with the fix. Basically we added an alt tag option to the html() method. So we changed from html(title, class) to html(title, alt, class)

You can fix quickly by editing the templates/modular/text.html.twig file, line 4:

        {{ image.cropResize(400,400).html('','','align-'~page.header.image_align) }}

Thanx, works again :slight_smile:

BTW just released updated version of Antimatter with this same very minor fix :slight_smile: