Images in Antimatter theme

Hi ! Sorry for the newbie question…

I’m using the Antimatter to setup a small custom site, and it works great! I just one issue with including pictures in the regular text blocks of the main (modular) page. The template comes with a first user setup where there is such a sub-page named callout which uses an image twig.jpg.

But even when I replace that twig.jpgimage by one of mine (overwrite with the same name), it still displays the old image received fro the template.

What am I doing wrong ?


As it is a modular page? Did you try clearing the cache?

Yes, I did try that the cache reacts weirdly on some pictures, I even tried with another navigator that had never accessed the page: same result.

If you are using a cache proxy server (Squid) of some sort, disable it for the browser you are testing the site with.

Nope, no proxy. Just Chrome (or Firefox) direcly on http://localhost/

Try adding some random text in the page you want the image to change in, does that work? If not, are you trying sure you’re on the right page? If so,
on windows:
on mac:
CMD + SHIFT + R in chrome

If that works it’s purely browser cache, if not , reply again and we’ll search for more answerds :stuck_out_tongue:

Changing text was working fine, but not changing the mages. Weird…
It is clearly a cache issue because I just copied everything from website1 into a new directory website2, and then accessing localhost:/website2/ shows all the correct pictures !

But how come cache refreshes, with CMD + shift + R, as well as access from an anonymous session as well as leaving the console open with the disable cache option active does not work? This remains a mystery.

Hmm, and did you try to clear your browser cache already? in chrome … history … remove history … remove cache option.

If the problem is still there, if you’re using the admin in your site, you can try to turn on option:
clear image cache by default: yes
found in: