Markdown image classes not working

Hello, I’m trying to right-align and center some images in my markdown blog articles, so according to the doc I added classes like “float-right” and “image-center” to my site scss/css and then in an I have:


(Except I actually have a ( after [Difference], but doing so in the forum here replaces part of my code with a camera icon.)

The problem is that in the HTML output, it keeps the “classes” part as a query string on the processed image, instead of assigning it to a class attribute on the img element:

<img style="" alt="Difference" src="/images/e/5/d/1/b/e5d1ba21dd307f6df57e59f597a72265aaf0fb74-jmt2di ff.png?classes=float-right">

Any ideas?
I’d tell you which version of Grav I have (it’s from a few months ago i think) but not sure where to find that.

FYI, in the future put your code in between triple backticks (see the question mark on the top-right of the input box).

The problem is the version of your Grav. This functionality was added only a few weeks ago.

To find out your Grav version simply type:

$ bin/gpm version

In your console. Or you can manually look at the version in the system/defines.php file.

The latest version is 1.0.10 at the time of this writing.

Ah. Upgrading to 1.0.10 worked like a charm. Thank you!