Mobile Menu Not Working on Antimatter

Does anyone else have issues with the mobile/side menu not working on Antimatter?

My mobile side-menu does not open (but did once) on iOS devices.

I’m using the latest version of Grav v1.1.0-beta.4 - Admin v1.1.0-beta.4.

Also defective in desktop browsers too.

Still looking to get this verified. Anyone there?

I can’t replicate this. You probably have a JS error on your page.

Ok, we’ll see what happens after the latest updates.

Beta5’s just released. I’m not seeing this on my installations.

I just updated to Beta5, no change. My mobile not working. How can I get this diagnosed? … what do I need to look at, any suggestions?

I just remembered, I added a script to the bottom of “base.html.twig” some time ago for a third-party booking app. I was able to adjust the code and everything seems working now. THX!

Glad you got it sorted!