Antimatter - features alignment


As I’m new here, I would like to start with one comment - GRAV is just great :slight_smile: I have just created my new website with:

  • Grav 1.3.8 (to be updated)
  • One-page skeleton.

I found the default theme (Antimatter) really nice, apart from one detail. The features.html.twig and its accompanying CSS classes do not behave well at all times.
Below you can see the demo with page width adjusted so that the first ‘feature’ has a longer description (more lines) than the corresponding feature on the right. In such situation the second pair of features gets broken.

I’m not an HTML/CSS expert at all, but looking at some other sites I have found the following solution:
{can only add one picture in post - see next post}

So I have just added one line to the template.css file:

modular .features .feature-items>div:nth-child(odd){clear:left}

After applying this fix, the features section seems to look much better:
{can only add one picture in post - see next post}

I planned to report this to Grav Team, but as I said - I’m new here and not a webmaster at all, so please review my bug description and proposed resolution. Is it correct approach? Doesn’t it introduce any new problems? Maybe it has been discussed before?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


CSS fix in template.css file (Antimatter):

Features with fix.