Login & Admin Help for a Grav Newbee

I found Grav while looking for WordPress alternatives. I’ve been building Websites since 2003 and have worked with WordPress since 2007. I’m concerned with the direction that WordPress is headed.

I installed the basic Grav+Admin package and discovered that I needed a skeleton. I installed the ePortfolio skeleton and entered the user name and password for the admin user. I was able to login but soon decided that I didn’t like the way ePortfolio was organized so I deleted everything in the the root directory for the site and uploaded the Ceevee Site skeleton. When I loaded the site no screen appeared for me to add the admin user.

How do I add an admin panel to a skeleton that doesn’t seem to have one? How can I tell from looking at the raw files in a skeleton is there is an admin panel?

These are likely questions that have been asked before. Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

Hi! You will not regret checking out Grav! It is the future of web applications :slight_smile:

So I checked the the CeeVee site skeleton and it looks to me that it does not contain the admin plugin, so you have to install it.

Just to make sure… You just replaced whats inside the user folder in grav root with the skeleton content, right?

In the grav root type

bin/gpm install admin 

and you should be good to go.

I deleted everything in the root folder and loaded all the skeleton files there. Is there a way to add the admin panel to a skeleton that doesn’t include it?

I loaded the skeleton files into the root folder. I am deleting everything and reinstalling Grav. I’ll try loading the skeleton files into the user folder.

You can also copy these four plugin folders (from a Grav install with Admin) into your user/plugins folder instead of using the CLI:

  • admin
  • email
  • form
  • login

Visit your Grav site and then you should see the Admin Panel where you can create your first account.

Thanks for the info. My latest attempt did not work at all. Now I’m getting an error message: “Theme ‘antimatter’ does not exist, unable to display page.” I’m worse off than when I started. I’ll delete everything again and start over.

I need to study how the Grav folder system is organized. Maybe I’ll just learn to use Grav without the admin panel. (Of course, this won’t work for sites that have more than one user entering content.)

It would be nice for Grav skeletons to have the option to install the admin panel.

You are not the only one who feels like this. I too have been using WordPress for years and am also concerned about the direction it has taken recently.

Grav is like a breath of fresh air in comparison. Sure, it has rough edges and feels like a young project, but what we have today is really quite impressive. The future is exciting, particularly if we consider how many ex WordPress users are likely to come this way.

You just need to install antimatter theme:

bin/gpm install antimatter

Thanks, I took care of the issue by installing the My Open Publishing Space skeleton. It seems like a good place to start.