Wordpress migration to Grav

Hi all,

Is it just me or there used to be a page on the Learn site with a description of how to migrate a Wordpress installation to Grav?
Does anyone know what happened to it?

Thank you.

Hi @aikanaro79, you remembered correctly - that section has been removed as the plugin is used is no longer available re: https://github.com/getgrav/grav-learn/issues/594

Perhaps some posts related to that topic might be of help? For example Massive Wordpress migration to Grav?

I came from WordPress to Grav myself, but with minimal content I was able to basically copy/paste page content over.

Hi @paulhibbitts, thank you for answering.

I was hoping there was some kind of preferred method of going about it.
I had checked the thread you suggested but I guess I’ll get back to it.

The Wordpress site I am looking into migrating to Grav has around 1200 posts so I need some kind of automated way. Or at least for some of the tasks.

Thank you once more for your help.

The plugin, though out of date, can be made to work. It doesn’t work out of the box anymore, though. But with a little tinkering a number of years ago, I got mostly useful output. I then spent a number of hours with a regex tool to bring things in line, but it was still faster than doing it all from scratch. Or has the original plugin code been completely purged?

I converted, 2 months ago, a drupal-blog-site (with 7GB pictures), very easy… no plugin needed

  1. exported everything to a csv: title, date, author, content, name of the pictures,…
  2. copied all images to a folder (had some issues with duplicate filenames)
  3. created all grav content with a very simple bash script (do while - read csv file):
  • create new folder (“date-title”), create item.md with all the fields : title, date,content,…
  • copy the correct images to that folder

Here an example of the grav blog (zoomed out, selfmade theme with bootstrap):
I can not give the url, its protected with a .htpasswd.
Its just for friends, family… about the “grew up” of my son, sort of picture/video diary

I realy like GRAV but picture-caching is so slooooowwww, I hope that will change in the future.

Keep up the good work DEV team, thumbs up !

The WordPress plugin didn’t work for me a few months ago unfortunately. Tried it on my live blog, tried it on a fresh WordPress install and even tried it on an outdated WordPress install and it didn’t work at all. Burnt a day trying to get it to work. Gave up in the end and migrated manually.

Are you using the Precache plugin to avoid long load times up front?

Since I migrated a few websites from Wordpress myself a few months ago, this post triggers me to explore some options. I was thinking of creating a Grav plugin with a cli interface using the WP restful-API for this.

Google has brought a few Grav plugins to my attention. Has anyone tried one of the following Grav plugins?:

  • FetchWP Plugin for Grav, available at the the Grav Plugin download page.
    It does not download/convert WP posts to local files, but rather fetches post from a live WP site at runtime, and displays the fetched posts inside a Twig template as if the posts were local. It uses the WP restful-api for fetching.
  • Wordpress Import Plugin
    Not available in Grav’s plugin repository but only available on GitHub. It parses an xml file generated by the Wordpress export function and generates local blog files.

Since ‘FetchWP Plugin for Grav’ is already using the WP restful-API, I’m currently exploring the options to add functionality of converting posts/pages to local Grav files.

Hi Perlkong,
Yes, precache plugin is disabled.
I moved the whole site to a VPS with 6 cores, caching is now faster but it still takes +30 seconds for a page with 36 images (800x1066px , resolution is not important, same happens in admin panel when the thumbs are creating - Page media).
The original filesize is 4-8Mb, but drupal could handle that very fast.
I think drupal did the same thing in 5-6 seconds, strange.