Migrating from another CMS

First of all, I would like to thank you for this new CMS with amazing approach and totally different philosophy from other traditional and well-known CMS. I am quite impressed by this innovative approach and ready to test and implement it, provided that I would be able to break me free from other CMS approach and structure.
I am wondering whether there is a tool or a way to simplify and make easier the migration or the import of an existing site to a Grav Site, assuming that only the articles will be moved or imported.
I am operating my current web site under an alternative CMS (Yacs) and I would be able to extract all articles, either in word format or text in order to export to markdown format (which I am not familiar with at all). Is it the proper way to do it or is there another approach?
More generally, do you recommend me to invest in such migration right now (about 400 - 500 articles to import from my entire existing site without taking into account existing users and comments) or do you think it’s worth spending time and effort to do it from scratch?
In addi tion, since I have lot of issues to manage properly the media (mainly audio and video) with my current CMS, could you please elaborate a little bit more about the advantages and conditions of media items general management with Grav.
I did read in the Forum about a Wordpress migrating tool (but I haven’t understood how to implement it as I am not a web developer).
Thank you for your help

400 to 500 articles is quite a bit! It’s doable with Grav, but is going to require some tweaking. Probably turning off the page checking and only clearing the cache manually. Maybe even using the static page cache plugin.

Anyway, we don’t have any automated converters per say. There are a couple of wordpress->grav scripts, but it’s 3rd party and is not fully automatic. It basically creates the folder/page structure, but you have to go in and tweak afterwards:


You could maybe use these as a basis for your Yacs one?