Wordpress 2 Grav 2019

Hello, a pleasure to enter this community!

I have been reading all the articles of the Forum, about how to Migrate from WP to Grav…

And I have tried to export my Wordpress with this plugin, but it has not worked …

We are many, those interested in exporting our WPs to Grav, but we did not find a solution …

Could someone help us with a Manual method, to do step by step A migration of a Wordpress to GRAV?

Billions of thanks! :grinning::upside_down_face:


i just use https://github.com/SiteBeez/wordpress-wp2grav-markdown-exporter yesterday
it works well (tested with WP 5.2), i tweak the plugin to suit my needs (custom field in the frontmatter, issues with cat etc). I don’t know what is your issue, Could you elaborate ?

… Welcome to Grav Community :grinning:

There are more than one methods to migrate from WP to Grav, but to my knowledge, none of them works 100% - so it depends a bit on your situation…
for me, the most important step was to migrate my blog, ~200 posts, ~5 categorys, many tags.
I used this plugin with a tiny modification (see issues ).
as for pages, I just went the simple ‘copy - paste’ approach, as I have only ~20 pages.
most work, however, was the plugins.
you can find the whole story here.
(and, of course, welcome to the grav community :smile:)


you find my experience migrating WP 2 grav here: https://blog.dmr-solutions.com/blog/wordpress-grav-umsteigen, but it’s in german only.

Regards and good luck, Ralf


I don’t think there is a method to migrate a Wordpress site 1:1 to Grav - in fact to any system. Basically it comes down to the fact how simple or complex your Wordpress website is. And the answer will vary based on that.

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I agree. Especially if you take into account the pages builder that are on the market, custom fields and shortcodes… For instance for my last WP-Grav export i had to tweak https://github.com/SiteBeez/wordpress-wp2grav-markdown-exporter to get all custom fields i need in my item.md, create a media library etc. But it’s worth it

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I haven’t tried it myself, but having gone through the hassle of migrating between different systems and Drupal, I’d be inclined to export Wordpress to CSV and then import from CSV to Grav. A few plugins exist for WP to CSV. For example: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-all-export/.

My reasoning is that data migrations alway require manipulation of the source content to fit into the new system, and manipulating CSV files is very easy, whereas understanding the data structure of a system and creating custom code to manipulate it is a fairly advanced programming task.

Migrating from CSV to Grav could be a complex task, but it could also be a messy PHP script that just gets the job done by parsing each row of the CSV and building a md file with frontmatter.

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@dougwgough try to tweak https://github.com/SiteBeez/wordpress-wp2grav-markdown-exporter it save times, you can event export custom post type
add many fields in frontmatter as you want

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.

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Thank you! :relaxed: