Grav + Admin should be the default

As a new user I was excited by grav and how simple it all seemed until I came to this line in the instructions:

“Download the latest-and-greatest Grav or Grav + Admin package.”

You’re asking me, who knows nothing about Grav to make a decision on the very first step and don’t provide any guidance over why I would want one over the other.

IMHO you should take a page out of django’s book and just include the admin by default (i.e., make the package with the admin the default) and make a second core package for advanced users who don’t want the admin. Then the step one instruction is install this one package.

Dear @varg, dear all,
I am a rather inexperienced grav user who turned to these packages a while ago without prior knowledge on other CMS.

To me it was rather clear what the “admin” does, and to date, I run two insignificant web pages which do not require it at all.

I disagree with making “grav+admin” default. If that was the case, many novel users who might not need “admin” will install it by default, and that increases complexity (i.e. understandability) and potential attack surface. It also increases the memory footprint of base grav. I think these disadvantages are particularly problematic with “admin” because it naturally brings the feature to log in to a website, so all kinds of trouble with user management and access permissions (which might not be obvious to beginners).

I understood that you suggest to keep the “dev” variant of a naked grav. So this is just a debate of what people get who are lazy to read the docs. Speaking of docs, of course good documentation is key. Both options could be presented side by side with a clear explanation.

However, I’m not anyone involved in such design decisions, this is up to the grav devs :wink:



Good points although django, wordpress, drupal, and other cms systems include admins by default. Not without consequences I’m sure, but the consequences seem to be worthwhile trade-offs for those projects. By memory if you mean disk space I think that’s negligible in this day, if you mean ram I would assume that the admin doesn’t add to ram unless it’s actively being used but I do not know this for sure.

Yes you can read the docs and eventually figure it out (as I did), but my point is to reduce complexity. Keep things simple. Although I see how from your perspective you could say including the admin increases complexity.