Problem with shared hosting

I use Bluehost as my hosting, and I have different domains that host websites there. The tree is like this:


My main website is the root, and the other websites have a folder to upload the files.
What happens is that I try to upload Grav to the root, but it returns me a blank page when I browse the domain I uploaded Grav to. Can you help me?

This is a bit tricky because running sites inside other sites is potentially problematic. This is because CMS platforms such as Grav and even Joomla/WordPress, etc use an .htaccess file to route requests to a index.php of the CMS. This allows for SEO URLs.

If you try to put one site inside another, the parent site might try to route the path of your child site as a URL to a page it knows about.

This is why you should have each of your sites inside their own distinct folder, and use virtual hosts (,, etc).

So back to the original issue, Grav displaying white page. I would check first that your running PHP 5.4+. If sill a white page, then something is causing PHP to throw an error. You will need to find what that error is either by a) looking in the error log or b) turn on PHP errors:

You might need to contact your host and ask them directly as I’m not familiar with how they setup their hosting.

Ok, thanks for help. I’ll check it now.

Hello, I just had the same problem and my solution was to change the PHP config from 5.2 to 5.4. in the BlueHost cPanel.

@preem if you could help out and write up your experiences with BlueHost and setting it up for Grav like these:

  1. Arvixe Hosting
  2. Siteground Hosting
  3. WireNine Hosting

It’s hard for us to do this for every host, so people who have direct experience with these hosting providers are our best resource :slight_smile:

It would be really appreciated.