What's Next?

Now that you have the admin panel released, what’s next on the horizon for Grav?

Next up is a little buff and polish in order to get Grav 1.0 and Admin Plugin 1.0 released. Along with a new site that is nearly ready!

After that we are going to start work on the Pro Admin plugin, and maybe some other Pro plugins. We really need to start generating some revenue to continue to fund Grav development.

Also part of this Pro plugin push, will be the development of a marketplace of some kind. Also we want to open this up for other 3rd party developers to be able to host/sell their Grav themes/plugins.

Then there are some bits in Grav that I want to refactor to improve performance on larger sites, and that will happen next.

What about a Grav hosting platform?

That’s also in the cards actually. Would that be something you would be interested in???

Yes, it is. I am already testing a couple different platforms. One feature I need is the ability to clone sites, as we do vertical market sites. Also, I have grown to dislike cPanel hosting in general.

Well cloning a site in Grav is a pretty simple process being flat-file based. Just copy all the files, and make your edits :slight_smile: Also the multisite setup stuff (which I promise to document soon) allows you to have multiple configurations and sites inside one Grav installation which is pretty damn cool!

I didn’t catch the multisite feature. That would be great!

Happy to learn more about some Grav plans for the future! Re: Marketplace, I’d also like to see some sort of area for freelance work/sources to be shared.