Admin panel/v1

Hello, how far are we from an admin panel (AFAIK this is a milestone for v1)? Weeks? Months?
I have been checking the roadmap but I am not sure the progress bars are up to date.

Since 0.9.6 I have been testing then using Grav for personal projects but without the admin panel ready in a foreseeable future I cannot include Grav in most business proposals (and the bigger ones also require multi-language support which is slated for v1.1). I am planning to have a developer in-house trained, or find some freelancer so I need to know if v1 is close enough (September) or if you are more comfortable with gathering yet more momentuum with the beta before unleashing the beast.

I am aware that maybe some business model issues may also hold the whole thing back but either way it would be good to know more about the next steps even if v1 is not in sight just yet.

Thx for all the hard work and dedication to help the Grav community)

An initial beta is still some weeks away. We were making great progress on it, and then the developer who was leading that effort had some personal issues, and was unable to continue.

At this point i’m going to have to get a grip on the current development state of the admin myself and pick up that mantle. However, i’m currently in the middle of implementing the initial multilanguage support which I plan on releasing next week.

So big things happening. Important things, and Grav is fast approaching a 1.0 state.

Excellent, as usual)
Thank you!