What is a web-root?

Am i correct in understanding, a web-root is any directory reachable by a browser on the internet?

Is web-root an standard term? I cannot find any definitions for it.

If you Google “apache webroot” you’ll get closer. It’s the root of the folder structure that is publicly visible to the web server.

Thank you for answering. Before posting my question, I googled apache web-root. I did not find an authoritative clear cut definition. I searched the apache configuration files on my Debian server, and found no matches for the term “web-root.”

I installed Grav in two locations, one in the home directory of a domain and the other on the same domain, in subdirectory several levels below the domain’s directory. I don’t see any difference in how grav is configured in these two domains.in a directory
Those two installations are hosted here http://devserver-017.info/
and here. http://devserver-017.info/3_to_safe/2_to_safe/1_to_safe/safe/

I copied the files from the directory that is the root of devserver-017.info to a sub directory of another another domain and it seems to be running fine. That u=installation of Grav is running here. https://devserver-002.info/frameworks/3_to_safe/2_to_safe/1_to_safe/safe/

That got me wondering whether if web-root is a Grav-specific term for the directory where it is installed.

I am wondering if copying installations around like that might rely on having only the Grav core and nothing else.

Is there a requirement to run Grav in the in root of the folder structure that is publicly visible to the web server? I am not sure if that is going to be a problem for me, because it looks to me like I do not have one of those. Image attached.

My installation has more than one domain, each running as a virtual host and all those virtual hosts/domains are on one server.

So I was thinking the web-root would be tied to the domain/virtual host and not the server. All the domains are in directories that are siblings of one another and the level above them is not visible publicly. Gr

referring to attached image…
No sign yet of trouble running Grav in a subdirectory of a domain,. that is why I started wondering if Grav needs to be the root of a domain.

Grav can be anywhere. As far as Grav is concerned, when it talks about the root, it talks about where it’s installed (from where you’d type bin/grav whatever. As far as everyone else is concerned, it just needs to be somewhere people can get at it.