How to install Grav in the actual root of the webserver and keep it working?

I installed grav + admin by unzipping everything to the root of the webserver. After unzipping I have to rename the folder to admin before I can use the system.
However I have to navigate to the webserver/admin to see my actual website afterwards. Any easy way to have it pointed to the root folder instead? Tried moving everything but then the admin section was broke.
Anything I’m missing here?

What’s the error you’re getting when the grav files are moved to the web server root?

Assuming you’re using Apache, you definitely copied the htaccess file out of the unziped admin folder and its now in the root? Sometimes it gets skipped during manual file copying due to permissions on the file.

You have to unzip the archive into the root, not into any folder. It should look like this:


And so on. You should not rename any folder, because there shouldn’t be any folder.

When I’m copying the zip to the root of the server and unzip it a folder grav-admin is created. Navigating to the url of the server shows the error: admin folder not found (or no rights to access). So I had to rename the folder from grav-admin to admin before it works. However doing so does make server/admin the root of the site iso simply the actual root.
Copy the complete admin to the root does result again in the admin folder not found error. Could be the hidden files aren’t copied over from the admin to the root as I’m on Mac OS Sierra and can’t see the hidden files apparently.

If you have it in folder grav-admin the website will show up at
If you rename it to admin, it will show up at
When you are copying the files, you have to include hidden files, because Grav won’t work without them.
To display hidden files in Mac OS, use keyboard shortcut cmd + shift + .

Indeed, the hidden files weren’t copied over after the unzip. Defaulted mu OS to always display hidden files and folders and now it all works. Thanks!

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Always happy to help :slight_smile: