What am I missing

Forgive me, my feeble mind is having a hard time wrapping my head around everything I’m learning in GRAV. Loving it.
But at the risk of sounding completely ignorant, here’s my situation:
Running a small base GRAV site with Admin Plugin on the AntiMatter theme.
Available at http://library.thruhere.net.
Screenshot added of my file structure.
The problem is the menu keeps just showing the homepage’s content.
All my pages have content or are an external link.
But they all show the Homepage’s content for some reason, but slug looks correct.
I’m sure this is something crazy simple at this point that I’m just lost on.
All pages that are showing Homepage content are set to default.
But if I set it to item, for example, it shows the correct page’s content.
Example: http://library.thruhere.net/books-articles-more/a-z-databases
Someone please help this bumbling old fool out!
Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 7

The only answer that comes to mind without looking at it, is that you modified the default twig file? Otherwise, where is the homepage content (search form) coming from?

Bingo. OMG. Not I recall. At one point I’d switched to the theme that the documentation uses, then later switched back to antimatter. I vaguely recalled messing with default twig file during that time. This was the issue. Thank you so much for saving me countless hours troubleshooting a mistake of my own design. TGI Friday!

Moral of the Story: Don’t multi-task kids when you’re learning new software of systems.